• Area

    800 m2
  • Location

    T-Place Plaza, 30A Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi
  • Scope of work

    Design & Build
  • Completion year


The Golf Hub is a 3D golf complex including a reception area, a chain of indoor golf academies, an outdoor golf course on the rooftop and other utility areas such as Bar & Lounge, Gym, Store.

The indoor golf academy chain is divided into many areas, including:

1. Private Bay is a 3D golf suite for 1-2 people, suitable for customers who prefer a private, quiet space or meetings with strategic partners. This space is designed with luxurious style and deep colors. Utilities such as sofas, drinking tables are also combined with green trees, creating a friendly and close space.

2. Open Bay is a bit more special, an area for groups of up to 10 people. There are 2 adjacent Open Bay areas, meeting the needs of organizing indoor tournaments right at The Golf Hub. Purposely focused lighting helps players focus on each swing. Besides, we put in a green space with lots of trees and grass, and the glass wall space helps to create natural light, thereby creating an authentic feeling like an outdoor golf course.

3. A unique feature of The Golf Hub is the Teaching Bay room, which is exclusively for professional training sessions. Here, we focus on the golf practice experience of each student and coach. The space is larger than Private Bay, along with the most advanced technologies, along with utilities such as sofas, water tables, refrigerators, …

4. In addition, the vacant space on the terrace of the T-Place Plaza building is used to create an outdoor golf practice area. Here, architects combine natural light, direct view of Hanoi city center, view of Hoan Kiem lake, and green space design. The surrounding wall is made of glass and mesh materials, ensuring the golfer’s vision is maximized.

5. Finally, there are indispensable utilities in a 3D Golf Complex. The Gym area takes advantage of the vertical space of the building, ensuring a comfortable exercise experience, but does not take up too much space in terms of overall. Rooftop Bar & Lounge space is different and luxurious. In addition, Golf Store is located at the location where many customers pass by, optimizing sales for the store.

The Golf Hub is an enthusiastic project of the ICADVietnam team, marking a breakthrough with the service “design and construction of 3D Golf Complex” – a pioneer in the Vietnamese market.


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